Hawaii Car Transport

When you need to transport your car to or from Hawaii, you’ll want to work with an experienced vehicle transport service. This type of service is a great option for many reasons. It offers guaranteed lowest rates, expert care, and high-quality customer service. You’ll also be able to get your vehicle in and out of the islands quickly and conveniently.


Matson Hawaii car transport is an excellent way to transport your vehicle across the Pacific. You can choose from a number of different services, including air and ocean shipping.


If you are looking to move to Hawaii and need to get your car transported from the mainland, Horizon Hawaii car transport can help you make the transition. The company has extensive experience in shipping cars and has excellent customer service. It is also a BBB-accredited auto transporter. TheĀ hawaii car transport company offers both domestic and international shipping, and is licensed in Hawaii and the United States. It also offers military discounts and specials and offers free quotes.


If you want to move to Hawaii, there are several different options for car transport services. First, you can choose an open or enclosed ground delivery. Enclosed delivery is better for high-end luxury vehicles. You can also opt for port-to-port delivery, which is cheaper but only available in major ports.

Matson dedicated auto lots

Matson has significantly increased the capacity of its dedicated auto lots in Hawaii, and now offers biweekly and direct weekly services to Maui and Hilo. The company has also added an acre of private land in Kahului to accommodate additional service vehicles.

Door-to-port shipping

If you are moving to Hawaii from another state, you can easily ship your car door-to-port by hiring Hawaii car transport services. Hawaii car transport companies use open carriers to ship your car. These carriers typically hold 10-12 vehicles. Because they are not enclosed, open carriers are often cheaper than enclosed carriers. However, they also leave your car vulnerable to damage and theft. However, most reputable car shipping companies insure their cars against these risks.

Guaranteed lowest rates

When shipping your car to Hawaii, it’s best to do it during fall and winter, when rates are lower. However, be aware that inclement weather could slow the shipping process down. It also means that your car will be exposed to the elements.

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