Industrial roller shutter doors uk provide security, safety

Industrial roller shutter doors uk provide security, safety and protection for businesses from the elements, vandalism and theft. They are available in a huge range of sizes, colours and finishes to suit any application. They are a popular choice for warehouses, factories, loading bays and commercial shops. They can be made to a bespoke size and come with a range of accessories, like windows and vents. They can be supplied and fitted in a wide variety of finishes including plastisol, powder coating and timber effect. They are available in manual and electric operation as well as insulated versions.

The doors are essentially interlocking steel laths that form the curtain which can be made from either solid or perforated laths. They are rolled around a drum by an electric drive and are generally made from galvanised steel as this provides the best durability. They are also generally supplied as a complete kit with a hood, fascias, window panels and lintel seals.

They are operated by an electric industrial roller shutter doors uk motor which is either single or three phase and can be connected to a control panel to allow remote opening/closing. They can also be fitted with a braking mechanism for safety. Smaller industrial roller shutters may be built with an inboard tubular motor to keep the cost down, while larger ones will usually have an outboard shaft mounted motor and are more reliable. They can be supplied with a range of controls including part close and time delay functions.

Insulated industrial roller shutters are increasingly popular as they will help to retain heat while still providing a high level of security and resistance against the weather. They can be supplied with a foam core and a rubber bottom seal, bristle guides in the guide rails and lintel seals to help to ensure that they are airtight once closed. They can also be fabricated with glazed vision slats or a full width window to enable light and ventilation to enter the room.

There are many different options available for the construction of these doors from a basic manual operation with a chain hoist, up to a fully insulated and powered version using an outboard GFA motor. These are more reliable than the inboard motors and can be fitted to a single or 3 phase system. They are also available in a number of different wind ratings depending on the level of security and insulation required. They can be supplied in a wide range of colours and can be powder coated or painted to a specific RAL shade. They can also be supplied with a variety of extras to help enhance the appearance, such as wicket gates, hoods and a full range of shutter accessories.

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