iSpring Learn learning management platform is a full-featured

iSpring Learn

The iSpring Learn learning management platform is a full-featured LMS that automates corporate training and improves employee performance. It is easy to use and empowers even the least technically savvy users to create and manage online courses and content. Its folder-based interface helps users organize content in a logical manner. Moreover, it has features that make it easy to edit or add content to existing assets.

Adobe Captivate Prime

The Adobe Captivate Prime learning management platform has a host of advanced features that will ensure learners have a positive learning experience. It can be used to create custom courses, manage content, and manage users. It also supports gamification and third-party integration. Whether you are a corporate training manager or a trainer, you’ll find that this LMS will be a great fit for your needs.

NextThought LMS

The NextThought LMS learning management platform enables instructors and students to track progress, communicate and collaborate. The platform tracks all aspects of user engagement, from formal coursework to social media interactions and personal content creation. NextThought also works with partners to customize reporting requirements. A number of features, including group discussion and instant messaging, allow instructors and students to communicate with one another.

Absorb Pinpoint

Absorb Pinpoint is a learning management system that integrates artificial intelligence with natural language processing (NLP). ThisĀ e-learning allows learners to search for video lessons and other learning materials based on context, keywords, or subject matter. It also features drag and drop dashboards, department-level branding, mobile learning, tests, and real-time reporting, which helps you keep track of the progress of your learners.

Absorb Engage

Absorb has a wide range of features that will make your training experience more effective. It features a self-enrollment feature and supports the upload of learning objects and whole course materials. It also supports context-based search.


SkyPrep is a learning management system that can help you create, sell and deliver your training courses. It has powerful integrations and supports multiple languages and audiences. Its intuitive user interface makes it easy to navigate.

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