Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Companies

In order to meet NFPA 96 fire safety standards, restaurants must maintain a clean and safe kitchen exhaust system. With the help of an Ottawa Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Company, this can be accomplished. Additionally, a regularly maintained system will help to prevent the spread of foodborne illness. In addition to serving restaurants, Ottawa Hood Cleaning also provides services to hospitals, long-term care facilities, cafeterias, hotels, and even jails and event centers. In addition, all of their services are backed by a free written estimate for hood cleaning.

Hood Cleaning Ottawa Ontario

A certified hood cleaning service in Ottawa Ontario will remove grease and combustible deposits from your hood, and keep your restaurant hood up to code. They will also place a Certification of Conformance decal on your canopy, so that your Fire Marshall, health department, and insurance company can easily see that your hood meets the proper requirements.

Fire Safety

Commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning companies that are FDNY certified clean kitchen exhaust systems by hand washing and using high-pressure power washers. Then, a certified crew chief personally inspects the work. Afterward, they provide a full report, automated scheduling, and before and after pictures.

In addition to removing grease and combustible deposits from your kitchen exhausts, these companies also ensure theĀ Ottawa Hood Cleaning Services safety of your employees and customers. Additionally, they use food-grade chemicals that comply with NFPA standards. Periodic inspections are also conducted to ensure proper maintenance of your kitchen exhaust system.


The cost of an Ottawa kitchen exhaust cleaning depends on a few factors. First, the location of the restaurant will have a direct impact on the price. If the restaurant is located in a high-volume area, the costs will be higher. A second factor that can affect the price is the number of commercial cleaning companies in the area. This is because more competition can lead to lower prices.

The size of the restaurant will also affect the cost. A restaurant with more than one story will have more ductwork. Also, the number of hoods in the restaurant and its size will affect the cost. Another factor that affects the cost is whether there are multiple exhaust systems.

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