Luxe Products USA Luxe Review

Luxe Products USA is a renowned beauty brand whose bespoke approach to skincare has garnered a loyal customer base. The brand offers natural and effective solutions that nourish and condition the eyelashes and eyebrows, delivering a full range of transformational results.

With its sleek design and polished stainless steel casing, the Luxe exemplifies our premium approach to wellbeing. It pools data from your phone, Fitbit wearables and other compatible devices into one place, so you can track health trends over time and see how your lifestyle is having an impact on your fitness levels.

It has a distinctly feminine look, and it comes with a bracelet designed by jewelry designer Gorjana that matches the watch. It has two versions, with a silicone band in Lunar White or Orchid and a gold-toned stainless steel link bracelet that also comes in the same colours.

The Luxe does not have built-in GPS, so it relies on the accelerometer or your phone’s GPS for tracking movement and distance. Nevertheless, it performed very well in our tests, with steps and heart rate tracking closely matching those from a dedicated sports watch like the Vivoctive 4S.

Like other recent models, the Luxe can be used to automatically monitor activity and recognise certain types of exercise through SmartTrack. It can also be manually set to start tracking when you begin an activity, and can be configured to send notifications to your smartphone to alert you of calls or texts. In terms of mental health, the Luxe can track your stress management score and help you find calm with on-wrist guided breathing sessions, and can show you how much sleep you’ve been getting. It can even alert you to incoming call notifications on your phone and enable hands-free calling with Android phones and tablets. Its battery life is up to seven days in standard use.

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