The Importance of Having an Olympia Physician Malpractice Lawyer on Your Side

Physicians, hospitals and other healthcare professionals are required to provide competent care for patients. While most medical personnel genuinely care about their patients, mistakes are still made. When those mistakes result in injury, illness or even wrongful death, the victim and their loved ones are often entitled to financial compensation.

A Washington Medical Malpractice Lawyer can help harmed individuals and their families pursue justice after a physician’s negligence leads to life-altering damages. The Olympia physician malpractice attorneys of Moseley Collins Law have helped countless individuals and their families recover substantial sums in settlements following all types of medical errors.

Medical malpractice typically refers to negligent conduct by doctors and other medical professionals that injures their patients. It can involve anything from discharging a patient prematurely for financial reasons to sexual assault on unconscious patients. To prevail in a malpractice lawsuit, the plaintiff must prove that a healthcare professional owed them a duty of care; that the medical professional breached this duty; that the breach directly caused their injuries; and that those injuries were measurable and significant.

The vast majority of healthcare professionals are honest, dedicated and caring, but many others cut corners to save money, are incompetent, or have personal demons that interfere with their ability to perform their jobs. This is why it’s important for the people of Thurston County to have an experienced Olympia Physician Malpractice Lawyer on their side when they’re harmed by a doctor or another medical professional’s error.

Although the long-term effects of a medical mistake can be devastating, in the short term victims are likely to face financial costs such as medical bills and prescription expenses, as well as lost wages. In the long run, they may experience permanent or even life-altering consequences like chronic pain, physical limitations, anxiety, depression and other emotional traumas.

As a result of the potential for costly claims, some physicians opt to have their patients sign agreements that spell out how future malpractice claims would be handled. While a form contract does not guarantee a particular outcome in litigation, requiring ex ante agreement to specific provisions like binding arbitration, caps on noneconomic damages or prequalification of expert witnesses for potential malpractice claims can reduce a physician’s liability exposure.

However, courts have routinely ruled that healthcare providers cannot force their patients to waive their rights to financial compensation for medical malpractice claims. Due to public policy concerns, patients must be able to obtain at least some remedy for harms suffered through the negligence of healthcare professionals. This is why requiring patients to sign a blanket release absolving a physician of all liability has been rejected by most jurisdictions. Medical malpractice lawsuits are complex and difficult cases to win, which is why injured individuals need an experienced attorney on their side. FindLaw’s nationwide network of legal professionals has the resources to connect you with a local medical malpractice lawyer. Detailed lawyer profiles include information like the attorney’s biography, education and training, client recommendations, and more to help you make an informed decision about who to hire.

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