Via Rail Cabin For 1

A cabin for 1 is a small room with a bed that folds down from the wall at night. The cabins are very comfortable and quiet. They have a small closet and safe to store your belongings. A private toilet is located in the cabin. The cabins come with a sink, hot and cold water and a tap for drinking water (cups are provided).

Each cabin class offers different perks that allow you to tailor your train travel experience according to what’s important to you. From extra privacy to added comfort and productivity, VIA Rail luxury train travel in Canada makes it easy to choose the right class for your journey.

Previously called sections, this is the least expensive type of sleeper. During the day, you sit in free-standing armchairs that face each other on both sides of the aisle (see photo below left). At night the sleeper attendant will fold up the two seats and place a mattress & bedding on them to make an upper and lower berth. He or she will then fit heavy curtains over the windows to ensure privacy.

Tip: If you book via phone or at a station, ask for bedroom F (if available). This is larger than other bedrooms and was once sold as a ‘compartment’ which was a higher tier of accommodation than ‘bedroom’, but now VIA Rail make no distinction so this option can’t be specified online. Bedrooms A & B connect; C & D; and E & F also connect.

The Cabin for 2 fare includes a variety of perks such as priority boarding and access to the Dome Car and Park Car (these are only open to sleeper passengers). Meals are also included in your ticket – breakfast, lunch and dinner. Water, juices and soft drinks are included with your meals; alcohol is available for purchase on board the train.

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