What Does an Electrician Do?

An electrician is an electrical engineer who works on the wiring and installation of power, light, communications, and control systems in buildings and industrial plants. They also test and repair electrical circuits. They use electrician’s hand tools, electric testing devices, and soldering and welding equipment to perform this job.

Residential Electrician (Range of Work): Installs and repairs electric wiring, equipment, and apparatus in dwellings and commercial buildings; lays out and modifies systems; and plans installation of new systems. Lays out and constructs click to read more exposed and concealed raceways, feeder and branch circuits; and installs electrical panels to connect lighting fixtures, outlets, switches, and other appliances; threads wires through raceways with pipe threaders, hickeys, and other hand or power-drilling tools; assembles and installs conduits; and cuts, bends, and shapes wires for insulation.

Commercial Electrician (Range of Work): Instructs and trains apprentices on electrical wiring, equipment, and other construction techniques for larger projects like offices and malls; supervises the work of electricians to ensure the safety of the work environment; and inspects existing electrical systems to make sure they are in compliance with current codes of practice or legislation. This position requires a certain amount of on-the-job training and may require the use of specialized electrical testing devices and machinery, such as a hydraulic lift to move heavy equipment or materials to a particular location.

Highway Systems Electrician: Instructs and carries out maintenance for road electronics and related systems, including traffic lights and computerized signals; repairs and replaces electrical components and parts; performs a variety of electrical tasks in high-rise structures and motor vehicles; operates heavy equipment, such as aerial trucks, trenching tools, and zip saws; and maintains and upgrades road lighting and IT systems to meet government standards. This position involves working at heights up to 70 feet and can be dangerous.

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